‘Geometrica’ Game Jam

Geometrica is a mobile game that was developed over a two and a half day period, the team comprised of myself, Geordie Hawkins, Luke Harris, Julian Hunt, Ronald Cheung, Eliza Moskalewicz, Nicholas Baker, Alan Carter and Elissa Bonavia. The concept […]

Rampaging Roombas Game Jam

Rampaging Roombas was a two player ’tag’ game created for one of AIE’s student game jams. The game jam took place over three days with the team consisting of myself, Kerry Palmer, Cameron Jarvis, James Mundy, Carl Biancon, Nicole Kaine […]


SwitchShot is a top down shooter developed by Team Mooni for our end of year project at the Academy of the Interactive Entertainment. The project was scheduled for six weeks of core development with another two weeks at the start […]