Rampaging Roombas Game Jam

Rampaging Roombas was a two player ’tag’ game created for one of AIE’s student game jams. The game jam took place over three days with the team consisting of myself, Kerry Palmer, Cameron Jarvis, James Mundy, Carl Biancon, Nicole Kaine and Andy Mullins.

The premise of the game is a malfunction on a space station has sent the vacuum cleaning robots mad. Some who will save the humans, and those who would attack them. Gameplay is simple with one player being the chased, the other having to run. If the player running can outlast the timer they win. Otherwise if caught they loose one of three lives they have. After either the player running successfully outlasts the timer or the player chasing catches the opposing player three times, a round has passed and they switch roles. The game ends when one of the players gets to two round wins.

My role in the project was to write the GameManager script which controlled:

Round System
Round Timer
Spawning/Respawning Players

PlayerMovement script which controlled the movement variables for each player and caching of inputs for each player. It was very basic and used the unity CharacterController component.

Overall the project was fun and I enjoyed writing the round system as I’d never done one before. Looking back on it now I know I could have designed a more robust system that takes into account additional variables and is reusable. That said,  being a quick game jam designing a system like that isn’t worth the time it takes out of the project.

Kerry Palmer created a short video of the gameplay, I’ve included it below.


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