SwitchShot is a top down shooter developed by Team Mooni for our end of year project at the Academy of the Interactive Entertainment. The project was scheduled for six weeks of core development with another two weeks at the start for pre-produciton.

Team Mooni consisted of two programmers including myself, four artists, a game designer and a producer. My main focus on this project was the AI implementation for our hybrid lab experiment style enemies. Since the project was on a small time frame I decided to use the unity asset RainAI, which comes with a behavior tree implementation that made it very easy to quickly prototype behaviors for our enemies and then fine tune to get decent results.

As well as the AI I worked on the high score and combo system, which ended up working quite nicely and was a pretty smooth implementation. Along side this I also did general bug fixing/prototyping and collaborating with the other programmer on core mechanics.

Here is the trailer for our completed project. All credit to Ryan Hall for the trailer. You can also view the project on itch.io Here


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