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I’ve always been one to challenge and push myself and my abilities. I have a passion for games and technology, and I have always been ambitious about learning new ways to design, create and build using technology. Through my love for games, I was introduced into the programming and game design industry; which has helped me to develop and expand my skills both in the professional field and my personal life. Whilst learning programming, my dexterity in the areas of communication, time management and working in a team effectively have been strengthened allowing me to thrive in my desired industry.


Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Professional Game Development (2016– Current)
Chisholm Institute of Technology, Computer System Engineering(2013 – 2014)

Technical Experience

  • C/C++ (11,14), C#, Java, Python, JavaScript
  • Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4
  • Artificial Intelligence, Path finding
  • 3D Mathematics
  • Perforce, Git, SourceTree
  • Unit Testing

Shipped Titles

Game Jams